Exploring the 'It's Afraid' Meme: A Look at its Origins and Popularity in the SSF2X and Starship Troopers Communities"

Starship Troopers Final Boss

As the Super Street Fighter 2X competitive scene evolved, players quickly discovered the power of Old Sagat. His Tiger Shots were incredibly fast, difficult to punish, and allowed him to control the pace of the match. His Tiger Uppercuts were powerful anti-air moves that could easily shut down opponents’ jump-in attacks, while his standing Roundhouse …

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Cammy MU

Cammy in this game is low level and has a hard MU, very hard like Honda… but have you ever seen a fight between old sagat and old Cammy?

A hard decision

The Old version of Sagat is considered one of the most powerful if not the most, character in the game. On the other hand New Sagat is a low/middle character.  What do you want? An easy win or battle with honor?

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