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As the Super Street Fighter 2X competitive scene evolved, players quickly discovered the power of Old Sagat. His Tiger Shots were incredibly fast, difficult to punish, and allowed him to control the pace of the match. His Tiger Uppercuts were powerful anti-air moves that could easily shut down opponents’ jump-in attacks, while his standing Roundhouse was a devastating poking tool that could knock opponents down and set up further pressure.

The matchup between Dhalsim and Old Sagat in SSF2X is considered by many players to be favorable for Dhalsim. While Old Sagat is a powerful character with strong zoning and damage potential, Dhalsim’s unique set of tools and abilities allow him to overcome many of Old Sagat‘s strengths.

O.Sagat it’s afraid of Dhalsim.

Old Sagat: The Top Tier King of Super Turbo

Despite being over 30 years old, Old Sagat remains a top tier character in Street Fighter II. His zoning abilities and high damage output make him a strong pick in almost any matchup, and his playstyle rewards patient and methodical gameplay. While some characters have risen and fallen in the competitive tier lists over the years, Old Sagat has remained a consistent force to be reckoned with.

Dhalsim vs Old Sagat:

One of the main advantages Dhalsim has over Old Sagat is his incredible range. Dhalsim’s stretchy limbs give him the ability to hit Old Sagat from a distance, making it difficult for Old Sagat to use his Tiger Shots to control space. Additionally, Dhalsim‘s Yoga Fire can be used to neutralize Old Sagat‘s projectiles and force him to approach.

Dhalsim’s mobility is also a key factor in this matchup. Dhalsim has the ability to teleport around the screen, making it difficult for Old Sagat to pin him down or trap him in the corner. This can be especially effective when combined with Dhalsim’s long-range pokes, which can keep Old Sagat at bay while Dhalsim moves around the screen.

Another advantage Dhalsim has over Old Sagat is his mixup potential. Dhalsim has a variety of moves that can be used to keep Old Sagat guessing, including his Yoga Flame and air attacks. This can make it difficult for Old Sagat to predict Dhalsim’s movements and react accordingly.

Despite these advantages, it’s worth noting that the matchup between Dhalsim and Old Sagat is not completely one-sided. Old Sagat still has the potential to deal massive damage with his Tiger Uppercut and standing Roundhouse kick, and can use his Tiger Shots to control space and force Dhalsim to approach. However, with careful spacing, mobility, and mixups, Dhalsim can overcome these challenges and come out on top in this matchup.

Why Dhalsim is a better pick than Old Sagat.

Here are a few reasons why some players might prefer Dhalsim:

  1. Range: Dhalsim has one of the longest reaches in the game, thanks to his stretchy limbs. This makes it difficult for opponents to get in close and apply pressure, as they risk getting hit by his pokes and anti-airs. Old Sagat also has good range with his Tiger Shots and standing Roundhouse kick, but Dhalsim’s limbs give him an extra level of versatility.
  2. Mixups: Dhalsim has a wide variety of moves that can be used to mix up his opponents, including teleportation, yoga fires, and air attacks. This makes him unpredictable and difficult to pin down, as opponents never know which option he’ll choose next. Old Sagat, on the other hand, is more straightforward and relies heavily on his Tiger Shots to control space.
  3. Defense: Dhalsim has several defensive options that can help him avoid getting knocked down or trapped in the corner, including his teleport and yoga tower. Old Sagat has decent defense as well, but his lack of mobility can make it difficult for him to escape pressure once he’s cornered.
  4. Super Combo: Dhalsim’s Yoga Inferno Super Combo is one of the most powerful moves in the game, dealing massive damage and hitting opponents from a distance. Old Sagat’s Tiger Raid Super Combo is also strong, but it requires him to be up close and personal with his opponent, which can be risky.

Of course, the decision of whether to use Dhalsim or Old Sagat ultimately comes down to personal preference and playstyle. Some players may find that Old Sagat’s zoning and damage output fit their playstyle better, while others may prefer Dhalsim’s mixups and defensive options. Ultimately, both characters are viable options in competitive play and can be effective in the hands of a skilled player.

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