Who’s that Pokemon?

There are several jokes about “who’s that pokemon” and it’s sure that Blanka can fit in you Pokemon team as a electric/fighter but laking about jokes, here are some jokes about Blanka & Pokemon, be ready to be shocked and knock out.

Jimmy, what are you doing?
  • Why did Blanka quit his job as a Pokemon trainer? Because he kept shocking his Pikachu instead of using Thunderbolt!
  • Why did Blanka refuse to catch a Jigglypuff? Because he was afraid it would put him to sleep before he could shock it!
  • Why did Blanka bring a toaster to his Pokemon battles? So he could make Pikachu toast!
  • What did Blanka say when he caught a shiny Pikachu? “Wow, this one is positively electric!”
  • Why did Blanka think he could catch all the Pokemon with his electric shock? Because he thought they’d all be shocked into submission!
  • Why did Blanka get kicked out of the Pokemon gym? Because he kept using his electric shock on the gym leaders instead of the Pokemon!
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